Launch of the RADAR SeriesTopic: “The Risk and challenges of COVID-19 vaccine rollout. What is the role of Corporate Uganda?”

The RADAR Series provides useful information, ideas and insights to CEs, consequently adding value to them on a monthly basis. The RADAR Series will be an exclusive platform where captains of business and industry will learn from, learn with and learn through other business leaders; creating an engine for peer-to-peer learning.

The RADAR SERIES, an initiative of the CEO Apprenticeship Programme Alumni Association (CAPAA) in partnership with CEO Summit (U) and Strathmore Business School, Uganda.

The event took place on April 29, 2021 from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm at Kampala Serena Hotel

Prof. Allan Katwalo

Moderator: He is the Dean, school of Business and Applied Technology

Nevin Bradford

Speaker: He is the Chief Executive, Cipla Quality Chemical Industries

Paul Lakuma

Speaker: He is the Research Fellow, Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) Uganda.

Dr. David Okello

Speaker: He is the Director of NCDs & Healthy Aging program, African Center or Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)

Pascal Byarugaba

Speaker: He is the Monitoring & Evaluation Expert, SDG Secretariat, Office of the Prime Minister

Godfrey byekwaso

He is the General Manager, Finance, Centenary Bank

Key points that were discussed

Godfrey Byekwaso

  • Everyone is a scientist now and people are making research from time to time. The doctors have started quoting journalist. 
  • The world is going to develop faster because information moves faster.

Nevin Bradford

  • Allocation: There is competition in vaccine allocation between the rich countries and Africa.
  • Rumors for the possible side effects of the vaccine has forced a few people from taking the vaccines.

Dr. David Okello

  • Vaccination is on-going but the uptake is extremely low. There is no reason to be afraid, it is time for facts not fear.
  • The media has a role to encourage people to take the vaccine.

Pascal Byarugaba

  • There is online learning, do we therefore have skilled employable workforce since the education in Uganda has been class based?
  • Let’s identify people with innovations and support them to grow.
  • The corporate sector should help the government in the manufacturing of the vaccine.

Paul lakuma

  • Corporate Uganda can support delivering of vaccine before it expires.
  • Corporate Uganda must ensure that all its workers are vaccinated to encourage others to be vaccinated.
  • Corporations should provide workers with time to get vaccinated.